Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Creality CP-01 - The Unboxing

I only ordered this a week ago and it's already here!  It was supposed to arrive sometime around the 20th of November 2019 so it was a pleasant surprise to come home to this today...


The hotbed appears to be loose and I'm sure it should be secured/screwed to the base.  I've checked on the official YouTube video of Creality showing you how to unbox it and it clearly shows the hotbed being attached to the base.

I've emptied out the accessories box and as you can see from the photo above, there is a random screw not in a bag and it just so happens to fit the hotbed - MISSING 3 SCREWS!

This definitely should be attached so I shall shortly be sending off an email...

As you can see, you get lots of bits-n-bobs with this 3-in-1 3D Printer including a small amount of white PLA to get you started.

Not off to a great start but once I've found 3 more screws that fit then I'll be able to do my first print...

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